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Mercato e cultura - apre oggi al pubblico EUK

Adam Cvijanovic. Courtesy of Blindarte

Today opens, to the public, the exhibition EUK, organized by the auction house Blindarte to support through culture and sales the end of the war in Ukraine. Among the artists present: Davide Cantoni, Adam Cvijanovic, Simon Keenleyside, Emilio Cavallini, Stephan Balkenhol, Sandro Chia, Aaron Young, Federico Guida, Huang Yan, and Hughie O'Donoghue, Mimmo Paladino. There are also Russian names, such as Leonid Sokov and the Perzi collective, favor uncensored art and free expression. The works on sale can be purchased through Blindarte and online auctions.

The exhibition can be visited until May 4, 2022, at the headquarters of Blindarte, Via Palermo 11, Milan.


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